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About Web API Explorer 4 DNN

The intent of this module is to help developers who are starting out with DotNetNuke's WebAPI. This module lists details about all the registered Web API routes in the RouteTable. DotNetNuke 7.x supports the integration of ASP.NET Routing (Web API) as a means of exchanging JSON data between your custom extension and your DotNetNuke portal.

More overview information is included on this project's home page, including a Features List and a Project Roadmap. (Screenshots)

A Call for Help!

  • From JavaScript Developers - I still consider myself a novice at JavaScript, so any tips/ideas on my scripting would be appreciated, particularly in terms of helping to support a clean collision-free execution in the sample JavaScript the module generates:
    • Developers need their scripts to "play nice" within DotNetNuke
    • Developers need their scripts to "play nice" when end-users add multiple instances of their module to a single page/tab in a portal
  • From Security Experts
    • This module is intended to be used by programmers on their local machine during development as well as in their live environments for diagnostic analysis. How can I make this module more secure, in an "Install & Use" sort of way.
  • From Users of this Module

Documentation TODO Items

  • Installation notes/guide
  • Other documentation (this page)

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